AGT Software

Uniqueness of a game developer is a differentiating factor for players. AGT software’s innovative games are unique in design, in-play promotions, and appearance. Few providers go beyond movies, fruits and other adventurous themes, and explore paintings and fantasy worlds like Bigfoot like AGT! With each game you choose, the gameplay, themes, and soundtracks have a humorous side that keeps you playing!

AGT Software Game Features to Expect

The game provider’s specialty is in the game designs on offer. Anyone visiting the provider’s site can be sure to experience the explosion of colors, with shiny Jewels playing the Crystal Skull or the Greener and more vibrant colors on 20 Lucky Clovers. Apart from these, players can also enjoy other features, including;

  • Free spins. Slot machines and other AGT software games reward players with free spins. The software has a specialized free spins reward system that assesses player behaviors while on the site and credits the spins 8 hours after the activity is complete. The awarded spins depend on the amount cashed into the site or developer and paid out to the player.
  • Jackpots. Enjoy one of the rare jackpot systems on AGT software online. The provider used Texas Poker as the base of the jackpot offers and rewards. Thus, Canadians get to experience immersive gameplay and other gamification features. With four jackpots and a single drop, Canucks have a chance to collect all four jackpots at once. Players can only win the jackpot offer if:
    1. Draw a high card – get the first jackpot.
    2. Draw two pairs – get the second jackpot.
    3. Draw a straight and a three-of-a-kind – get the third jackpot.
    4. Draw a straight flush, four-of-a-kind, full house, and a flush – get the fourth jackpot.
    5. Draw a royal flush – get a sum of the above four jackpots.
  • Free or Demo Games. AGT Software online has free game options or demo versions for novice players or regulars wishing to try a new game. The only game genre without a demo or free version is Poker, as players partake in jackpot offers. Players can experience multipliers, scatter, and Wild symbol rewards on the free AGT software games.

AGT Software Top slots

The provider has several game options for you to try out which includes:

  1. AGT Software Van Gogh. Like the name suggests, fans of excellent works of Art can try the Van Gogh game by AGT Software online. This game puts various pics into one artistic design, and you may just; land a winning combo.
  2. AGT Software To the Moon. The only crypto and multiplayer-based casino game on AGT offering multiplier pay of up to x465. To the Moon’s gameplay is a player’s imagination, following specific curves and trying to land on the correct odds. Envision what you want, and you might get a big win from it!
  3. AGT Software Spinner. if you love the style of this provider games, then the AGT software Game Spinner is what to play. The AGT Software slot machine has three outcomes, a draw, win, or loss, each attracting a multiplier of x2.9, x1, and x1.9. Try once, and you end up with a multiplier as a win.

AGT Software Pros and Cons


  • An extensive mobile casino game software online; all AGT software games are accessible via android, iOS, and other mobile platforms.
  • The software has all game genres and variety in each, with Poker, slot machines, and other games on hand for players.
  • User-friendly online casino platforms; easy to register, play demo games, or bet with real money.
  • Claim free spins with your level of activities online anytime.


  • Promotional elements are limited to players’ activities on the site; none-activity means you get no free spins offers.

Launched in  2012
Headquarters  Latvia 
Games  Virtual RNG casino games like Poker and slot machines  
Mobile Compatibility  Yes 
Licensed Yes 
Free Play/ Demo Versions  Yes 
In-game Features  Free Spins and jackpots

AGT software casino games are a must-try anytime you visit the best Canadian casinos. Register today at your favorite casino, look for AGT on the filter and play AGT software games that you find for greater chances at winning.

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