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Dangerous profession

The ancient Mayan astrologers did not have 12 zodiac signs, but as many as 19. They predicted a good time for sacrifices and the outbreak of war, for the coronation of new rulers and for the birth of heirs. And even advised when to organize the games.

In Mesoamerica, the game was played with a rubber ball, which had to be thrown into a stone ring. The losing team could immediately after the match be sacrificed to the Sun god, and their fans gave their clothes to the fans of the winning team.

The nobility staked slaves, vineyards, and entire city blocks.

Can you imagine what responsibility was assigned to astrologers?

It is here!

October forecast for 12 Zodiac Signs.

Pick your celestial key to the treasures of Fortune.


In October, your real love life might worry you, but in the virtual realm, romantic slots will attract your attention.

Try to interact with other people as much as possible, communicate with colleagues in game chats. Do not try to impose your opinion on others but defend your own position gently and convincingly.

The energy bursting in you will help you cope with any problems.

The game

According to the astrologists, the Reel Love (PG Soft) slot, pleasant in all respects, will not leave you indifferent and will bring both emotional and material satisfaction!

October: time to love and play!


Everyday life, routine, and health are the usual agenda for the autumn season. Despite your high motivation, try to find time to relax with your favorite slots. You can’t do everything at once. Remember the words of a famous Taurus, the artist Salvador Dali:

“Don’t strive for perfection. You cannot reach it. And there is nothing good in it.”

Share your gambling skills with others. Spend more time in Slots City online to protect yourself from seasonal colds.

The game

Astrology is a precise science. You just need to consider all the factors. The Bull Fever (Ruby Play) slot matches the energy of Taurus to the maximum this month.

October: ram through the gates of Luck!


Before starting a wild romance, visit the gym. The effect will be fast and impressive.

There will be a strong desire to play – do not deny yourself the joy. Firstly, you know it will soon pass. And secondly, it will bring you a lot of positive emotions.

When communicating with others, try to be restrained, because sometimes one wrong word can ruin a strong relationship for a long time.

The game

Sometimes it seems that the recommendations of an astrologist are random. You can check it out right now. Try your luck in the Lemur does Vegas (Spinomenal) slot. This is sure to impress you!

October: speed is everything!


Home, family – traditional Cancer values ​​​​become relevant in October. Do not deny yourself the desire to renovate your home or to find a new style for the space. A comfortable armchair, a soft sofa, and a smartphone – that’s all you need to conquer the thrilling virtual lands!

Your brilliant new ideas might be slow to come to life due to excessive emotions. So, time alone and playing in your favorite slots is the best way to cope with emotions and protect yourself from diseases.

The game

Moonlight Showdown – Vampire (AllWay Spin) is exactly the slot that Cancers should pay attention to in October.

October: calm and perseverance.


The people around you are demanding more attention from you. Before implementing non-standard ideas, gather all the necessary information. Numerous contacts and trips related to work await you.

Try to avoid conflicts with partners. Direct the energy of rivalry in a constructive direction.

Slot therapy will help restore immunity, which has suffered from constant stress.

The game

Do not unconditionally believe the astrologist, he may be wrong. But it’s still worth a try in Lucky Lion (OneTouch), because the stars are high – they can see everything from above.

October: heal with games!


Financial conditions can be improved in many ways: take on additional tasks for the evening, find a second job, get a big win in slots.

You are not in a hurry to implement new ideas. Your partner may not like the desire to move your relationship to a material level.

Financial issues, extra expenses can cause quarrels and disagreements. Good luck in gambling will significantly improve your mood and well-being.

The game

Try turning off the internal analyst for once and just trust Monkey’s Journey slot (Platipus). See what it’s capable of.

October: the material basis of excitement.


Healthy selfishness will help you achieve ambitious goals if you understand that the thrill of the game is the driver of your progress in October. Optimism and enthusiasm help to find a way out even in the most difficult situations.

New useful connections are expected. You will make a phenomenal impression on those around you. Just try to avoid excessive exotics – in travel, drinks and games.

The game

If an astrologist were a doctor, he would prescribe Lucky Lady’s Clover (BGaming) slot for you 3 times a day after meals and 4th time before bed. But he is just an astrologist who does not prescribe, only advises. And you cannot know until you try.

October: luck is preparing exciting things for you.


Solitude and playing in your favorite slots will help you overcome irrational fears.

Do not try to control everything – in October you will not succeed in that. It’s time to let go of the past and move on.

A few big wins, even from the maximum bet, are a great way to increase self-esteem. Do not overestimate the importance of the impression you make on others.

The game

From the point of view of an astrologist, cute horror games from FrankenSlot’s Monster (BetSoft) slot can improve a Scorpio’s mood and bring good luck.

October: the sting of scorpions is their weapon!


In a team of like-minded people and friends, you can achieve much more than alone.

The recognition and respect of colleagues comes first for you, moving even the reward for your work to the background. And in the game, the very fact of winning means much more to you than its monetary value.

Do not forget to help friends and relatives and avoid disputes with partners – in October this will cause unjustified aggression.

The game

Stars, eggs, nests, feathers. The Princess of Birds (Platipus) slot will take you into the world of birds. With it, you will become closer to the sky and to great wins.

October: those who shoot a bird will hit the sky.


Ambition propels you forward and up the career ladder but prevents you from adequately perceiving the instructions of your superiors. Perseverance in gambling sooner or later bears fruit.

Playing slots in the fresh air is a good distraction from problems, allowing you to relax before a new breakthrough.

Be mindful of any chronic health conditions – the sooner you pay attention to the problem, the easier and cheaper it will be to solve it.

The game

Astrologists do not have the greatest sense of humour. But with predictions it is quite the opposite. So, if you are told that the stars will help in the Golden Unicorn (Habanero) slot, this is not a joke, but a call to action.

October: being lucky is a true career!


It’s time to start life anew. Change your environment, and your place of work. A new selection of slots will give strength and energy to move forward.

Do not trust partners, they may be prone to manipulation. For advice, turn to specialists, not colleagues.

You may have to pay attention to health. In gambling, you will do well to gradually increase your bets.

The game

Have you played the Power of Poseidon (Platipus) slot yet? Then immediately add it to your Favorite Games list. The astrologist is sure that it belongs there!

October: raise the sail of hope!


The time for change is coming. Try to restrain your emotions, especially in relationships with a partner, because if it comes to a breakup, the process will be difficult and lengthy.

High probability of a big gain. Perhaps you will receive a gift from relatives or a large inheritance. Just do not put pressure on your older relatives, otherwise everything will fail.

But in gambling, you can stop worrying about offending someone and just be yourself.

The game

Just for you, the astrologist has selected a new colorful slot from the underwater kingdom Fishin Reels (Pragmatic Play). The native element helps the best!

October: through change to success!

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